Dandenong is the Adult Entertainment Hub!

Dandenong is a well-known hub for adult entertainment. Located in the south east, approximately 35km from Melbourne. It is easily accessible by train or bus. Due to its location, large population and cultural diversity there is adult entertainment for everyone. Dandenong boasts a large range of brothels, massage parlours, strip clubs and night clubs to suit everyone’s needs and desires.

When visiting an adult entertainment venue, you will find many differences in price, services, workers and venues. To help you decide what adult entertainment establishment may be right for you, it may be helpful to know the differences and what is on offer.

Brothels in Dandenong

Dandenong is renowned for its Brothels, each unique to itself. There are many factors that determine a good brothel, including if it’s safe, clean and legal. Why choose a brothel over a massage parlour or strip club? Brothels offer full sex services that massage parlours and strip clubs cannot.

As Dandenong has such a variety of brothels, services for most genders, sexuality and preferences can be found. Is important to always choose a legal brothel. If you are ever unsure you can ask the admin staff for their brothel licence (Blue Krystal licence is SWA: 10056B). Blue Krystal offers a range of full sex services, you can find out more here. If a brothel isn’t for you, the you may alternatively enjoy a massage parlour.

Brothel in Dandenong

Massage Parlours in Dandenong

There are currently more then 10 erotic massage parlours in the Dandenong region. Massage parlours are commonly known as rub and tug (RNT) or happy ending massage. These establishments are generally cheaper than a full service brothel. These may be more suited to you if you are more conscious of the price. Like brothels, massage parlours should A=also be a licensed establishment.

Types of Erotic Massage

There are many different types of erotic massages that may be offered. This includes: Happy endings, body-slide, Nuru or G-spot massages. Like brothels, massage parlours may vary in how much they charge and what kind of services they offer. Blue Krystal offers erotic massage services, you can find more here.

Erotic Massage

Strip clubs in Dandenong

There are many strip clubs in Dandenong. Strip clubs greatly differ from brothels and massage parlours. This is because they do not offer any sexual services, rather lap dances, performances & entertainment. Strip clubs are more social, as they usually attract larger crowds of people, and sell alcohol. As there is such a large variety of strip clubs out there, you can easily find one on websites such as Yelp.

Stripper in Dandenong

Night clubs in Dandenong

Whilst night clubs do not offer any sex services, there is an abundance of club in and around Dandenong. There are many different night clubs that may suit different people and play different types of music. With such a large amount of clubs & pubs on offer there is something for everyone. You can find out more here.

Hands waving in Night Club

Dandenong has it all…

As you can see, Dandenong is a hub for adult entertainment. Next time you visit, make sure you check out the adult entertainment scene. Whatever your fantasies, needs or desires, Dandenong has something to fulfil your wildest dreams.