Whether you are a career minded person going places, run your own small business or are struggling in a dead end job with dreams of much more, there is one thing you can do to keep your work dreams on track. Head to your nearest brothel on the way home from your office, business or work site today!

How can heading to your nearest brothel help you with your career, job or small business? Well, bear with us and we’ll explain.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to hear that sex makes us happier. But a study from Oregon State University, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Management, says there is a direct correlation between sexual activity and work performance. 

The study authors asked participants to diarise a 2-week period of their lives. They found that when participants engaged in sexual activity the night before, they reported an increased positive affect at work the next day. More so, the participants who had sex had increased job satisfaction and job engagement.

You may be asking at this stage whether heading to your nearest brothel is going to give you the same benefits as sexual activity with a partner. Well, the study also looked into this and found that the increased positive affect at work the day after having sex were “independent of the effects of marital satisfaction”.

“This is a reminder that sex has social, emotional and physiological benefits,” says study co-author Keith Leavitt, “and it’s important to make it a priority.” Mr Leavitt also pointed out that sex triggers a release of a hormones in our bodies associated with reward, social bonding and attachment.

Loosely translated, we reckon what the study authors are saying is that sex is sex. As long as it is consensual and respectful it’s going to make you happy and can help you in your job. 

So head to your nearest brothel now. You job may depend on it!

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