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We have Australian/Chinese Management 

Our newest addition to the Blue Krystal family is Angie, our manager. Angie is a true wonder and is invaluable to the team; she takes great care of all our staff. From your first point of contact until you begin working with BK, Angie will be there for you. Have a question for Angie? You can SMS her on 0418 824 575 or email her directly

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Angie has worked in the industry for more than two decades and has garnered extensive experience in every aspect of the industry. She is a well-trained erotic massage performer. One of Angie’s specialties is coaching newcomers and providing appropriate knowledge to fast-track success. Angie’s friendly demeanour and ability to provide the ultimate point of contact for ladies and staff makes her invaluable to BK.

BK boasts the ultimate blend of Asian and Aussie management. Once considered an Asian venue, BK has become a multi-cultured establishment servicing the needs of all ladies and staff no matter their background.

Email Angie directly:

Contact BK by phone:
(03) 9708 5555

Ladies call or SMS Angie:
0418 824 575

Some sex workers earn up to $5000 per week or $20,000 per month
Working in a legal brothel means workers choose their own shifts
Most sex workers are paid in cash at the end of their working shift
There is a high demand for ladies
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State laws governing adult relaxation establishments

The state laws that govern our industry have been relaxed as of May 10, 2022. Advertising for service providers / sex workers in no longer prohibited. If you are interested in more information, please call us. We are happy to advise you in all matters relating to working in the industry.

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    Brothel Work Positions

    Brothel manager / reception staff

    Blue Krystal is a growing local establishment and we work hard to provide everybody with a safe and secure working environment. Benefits include flexible schedules, amazing income and friendly staff. If you are interested in working at Blue Krystal, please contact us or phone us on (03) 9708 5555.

    More than this, when you join Blue Krystal you’re joining our business family and you’ll be respected, listened to and supported. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable and happy while with us at Blue Krystal. That way, you’ll be best placed to keep our clients happy and our business running smoothly and successfully. Which is good for everyone!

    Brothel work advice for sex-workers

    Existing sex-workers currently looking for a new brothel to provide their services, please contact us, we would like to hear from you. We will provide advice pertaining brothel work.

    We can offer ladies the following:

    We recommend looking for:

    • A safe and clean working environment for all staff & ladies

    • The ability to choose your own working shifts

    • A generous sex-worker/house fee ratio (e.g. 60/40)

    • Regular STI testing (your safety is paramount)

    • A license, SWA number (e.g. SWA 10056B)

    • Adheres to standards as set out by the BLA

    Are you ready for a new & exciting career?

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    Australian Sex Workers Association


    Sew Workers Outreach Project

    Blue Krystal Brothel Melbourne 墨尔本成人会所 墨尔本妓院

    N°16 Greens Rd,
    Dandenong South 3175
    (03) 9708 5555
    Opening hours
    Mon: 10am-2am
    Tue: 10am-2am
    Wed: 10am-2am
    Thurs: 10am-2am
    Fri: 10am-2am
    Sat: 10am-2am
    Sun: 10am-2am

    SWA: 10056B

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    Blue Krystal is a clean, discreet and legal full service brothel and relaxation establishment. With a variety of ladies from many cultures, we provide an exceptional range of adult and erotic massage services. Our rotating roster, price options and multiple sex services ensures we meet the demands of the most discerning gentlemen. Choosing a legal Melbourne brothel protects you, your reputation, and our beautiful ladies.


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