If you’re looking for a Dandenong brothel to enjoy a full brothel service or an erotic massage, one of the key reasons to choose Blue Krystal (apart from the fact that we have the most gorgeous ladies in Melbourne) is that we’re a legal brothel. There’s no risk of prosecution or being hauled out of our premises in handcuffs. We leave the excitement inside our bedrooms!

Our venue strictly adheres to standards set out by Consumer Affairs Victoria and our Sex Work Act (SWA) number is 10056B. It’s not just legally safe to visit Blue Krystal, it’s also a safe, clean and professional environment.

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Be thankful you don’t live in these ‘divided’ states

Victoria’s sex laws may not be perfect and illegal brothels and massage parlours may be relatively prolific in Dandenong, across Melbourne and the state, but be thankful you don’t live in some states of  the United States, or some of the other places highlighted below. Compared to these strange sex laws, our Dandenong brothel certainly has a lot going for it!

  • In Michigan, it is a felony for any man to seduce and debauch an unmarried woman. The penalty can include up to five years in jail or a maximum fine of $2500.
  • In around 20 states you can legally marry your first cousin. While you’re maybe thinking that this explains a lot, it’s worth highlighting Utah. In that state, if both cousins are over 55 years old they can marry as long as they can prove that one of them cannot procreate. At the age of 65, there’s no such qualification.
  • In Texas, it’s illegal to be in possession of six or more dildos. Yes, that’s correct, you can carry around almost as many guns as you like, but don’t whatever you do have too many dildos!
  • In North Carolina, it’s illegal to live with your partner if you’re not married.
  • It’s illegal in some states to commit adultery. We’re glad this law doesn’t affect our Dandenong brothel!
  • Don’t promise to marry someone in South Carolina if you don’t mean it. It’s called seduction under promise of marriage and its punishable by fine or jail.
  • In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it’s against the law to have sex with a woman and their daughter at the same time.
  • In Lebanon, if a man wants to have sex with an animal, by all means that’s not an issue. Just make sure it’s a female animal, however as same-sex animal sex is illegal.

It’s fair to say that some of these sex laws are archaic and are probably rarely called upon, but they’re quite bizare. Plus, coming from a state where you can be fined for making unreasonable noise with a vacuum cleaner after hours, who are we to question the above laws? And, by the way, the vacuum cleaner law, while real, isn’t reference to a strange sex act!

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Not just a legal brothel, we’re also the best

Blue Krystal is not just a legal and safe Dandenong brothel, we’re also the best.  So, for 100 percent satisfaction, and zero percent chance of falling foul of the law, come into Blue Krystal today!