What makes a brothel the best brothel in Melbourne? It goes without saying that the ladies who provide the services need to be very good, but there’s much more to it than just the ladies. So, let’s explore what we think separates the average brothel from the good and the very best.

Services to please

We’re all a little different and have different needs, and it’s no different for people who visit brothels. The best brothel in Melbourne will provide a range of services to suit, from the full brothel service to erotic massage. Good brothels will also cater for those with special interests or fetishes, but you might need to phone ahead to make sure your desire is catered for.

best brothel in Melbourne services

Brothel prices

The best brothel in Melbourne will have reasonable prices. Note that there’s a difference between reasonable and cheap. If prices are cheap, chances are so will the service. 

VIP treatment

Your favourite retail stores and even some coffee shops have a loyalty program, so why wouldn’t your favourite brothel? A brothel that provides discounts and VIP treatment for it’s more regular visitors is good for the client and the business, so it’s simply smart. That’s why the best Melbourne brothels will have a VIP program.


Even if you’re not trying to hide your brothel visits from your partner, it’s likely that you don’t want everyone to know where you’re going to spend the next hour. So, the best brothel in Melbourne will have a reasonably discreet location. They’ll also have a private place for you to park your car and a private entry. We are located at 16 Greens Rd, Dandenong South.

Blue Krystal Private Parking

Legally speaking

The best brothel in Melbourne is definitely going to be a legal brothel. That is, a brothel that is licensed, safe and has strict hygiene standards. The better legal brothels are also going to look after all their staff, including the ladies that provide the services.

It’s the vibe

As the lawyer in the movie The Castle so eloquently put it, “It’s the vibe”. If it’s your first time visiting a brothel or you’re an irregular visitor, you’re bound to feel a little nervous. After all, aren’t we all nervous the first time we’ve been with a girl? Although, with a 100 percent guarantee of getting your rocks off at a brothel, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.

While nerves are understandable you should never feel uncomfortable, awkward or scared. The best brothel in Melbourne is going to make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Part of this is the vibe, but it’s also about the professionalism of its workers, including the staff.

best brothel in Melbourne vibe

And, yes, the ladies

At the end of the day, we visit brothels to get laid, so the best brothel in Melbourne is going to have the best ladies. Ladies who provide an exceptional service to meet the demands of every discerning gentleman.

best brothel in Melbourne ladies

Melbourne’s best brothel

Located in Dandenong, it’s fair to say that Blue Krystal is the south east’s best brothel, but we also believe we are the best brothel in Melbourne. Why not visit to find out why we lay claim to the title. You won’t be disappointed.