If you are considering going to a brothel in the Dandenong area, you’ve possibly wondered how much it’s going to cost to visit. The answer will, of course, depend on the service you’re looking for, how long you’re going to visit and a host of other variables, so let’s take a look at some of these factors and try to provide some answers on the cost of visiting a Dandenong brothel.

Dandenong brothel services

One factor that will almost certainly affect the price you will pay to visit a brothel is the service you are looking for. 

Generally, brothels offer two types of services – the full brothel service, which can include oral and intercourse sex, and the sensual relaxation or erotic massage service. In most Dandenong brothels, the full brothel service will understandably set you back a bit more than an erotic massage. The exact difference will depend on whether you want a short or long session, but expect to pay around $20 to $40 less for a 30-minute erotic massage compared to the full service.

At Blue Krystal, for example, the full brothel service currently costs $100 for 20 minutes and up to $220 for 60 minutes. An erotic massage will cost you $90 for 30 minutes and up to $155 for 60 minutes. Our prices are very competitive and you can view our full Dandenong brothel prices here. 

How much does it cost to visit a brothel Dandenong?

Is the Dandenong brothel legal?

It almost goes without saying, but you would expect to pay less to visit an illegal brothel than you would a legal brothel. 

This is simply because legal brothels have higher overheads than illegal brothels. It’s not just the cost of licensing and ongoing costs associated with meeting requirements. There are costs such as health and safety checks, to ensure our workers and clients are safe, and the expenses to maintain a clean, professional establishment.

So, if you wanted to save some money in a brothel, you could find an illegal establishment. Don’t forget, however, that any money you save up front you could quickly lose if the premises are raided while you’re in it or you pick up a sexually transmitted disease. Food for thought!

Are there other ways to save when visiting a legal Dandenong brothel?

Most retail stores have a loyalty program, so why not your Dandenong brothel?

In fact, some brothels do have loyalty or VIP programs. 

For example, Blue Krystal’s Membership Program is free to join. By joining, members can access member-only offers that in some cases will help them reduce the cost of visiting their favourite brothel. There are other benefits, as well, including other bonuses, competitions and alerts when a new lady is on the roster.

Dandenong’s best brothel – Blue Krystal

Located in Dandenong, Blue Krystal is we believe the best brothel in the region and many of our clients agree. We’re also one of the best priced. 

So, why not do yourself and favour and come and see for yourself. We believe you’ll be totally satisfied with the services we provide and our gorgeous ladies who provide them, and you’ll soon be back for more!