How to choose a brothel near me – Your experience matters

Everyone’s mind will at some point wander to the commonly considered taboo. The good news is you don’t have to wander very far to find a brothel! Well- you won’t after you read this blog.

This blog will focus on a certain brothel near you. Blue Krystal which lies within the Dandenong area. Because why make that which happens behind the curtains so unobtainable? And their allure so unnecessarily shameful? When searching for a local brothel to become your place of choice, you may consider multiple factors such as, accessibility, legitimacy, diversity and quality of services:


  • Is there easy, reliable discreet parking available?
  • Is there public transport alternatives?
  • What hours does this establishment operate? Will it work with your schedule?
  • Are the workers discreet? Does the brothel honour your privacy?


  • Is this practice legal? And it’s workers treated fairly?
  • What are the hygiene standards/requirements?
  • Will I feel safe and secure in this atmosphere?

Diversity and Quality

  • Is there a range of services to choose from?
  • Is there a diverse range of women that can meet my needs and desires?
  • Are the services of high quality

If we consider all of this in this blog’s area of choice, that makes the one of the best brothels near you in Dandenong: Blue Krystal!

Your best brothel near you: Blue Krystal

Because of it’s excellent customer service and variety of professionals in service. In addition it’s claimed that they offer “one of the best brothel services in Melbourne.” Which brings them a whole load nearer to many readers. And you can see all they have to offer for yourself at their website:

A brothel near me

Your chosen brothels accessibility

Blue Krystal offers 100% private parking! Located at 16 Green Road Dandenong. As Blue Krystal is located in Dandenong there is a wide range of public transport options available. Trains. Taxis and buses can be used to reach Blue Krystal’s door step, ranging from 5-10 minutes travel time from the Dandenong train station. Blue Krystal operate on a rotating roster from 10am-2am (3am on weekends), so there are plenty of hours in the day for you to make your booking whether you are an early bird or an night owl. Because they aim to “meet the demands of even the most discerning gentleman” Blue Krystal is adamant in providing not only the highest quality of service but also at a very affordable rate. Not only this but at Blue Krystal you can rest assure that your privacy comes first! Blue Krystal’s third party disclosure states that they do not sell or transfer any personal information to any third party, ensuring that your identity remains private. The private parking onsite is also discrete and allows you privacy when entering the premises.

A chosen brothels accessibility

How legitimate is the brothel you visit?

Blue Krystal is licensed, legal and safe. Safety is their 100% guarantee! With a fully recognised license as a Melbourne Brothel (SWA10056B). Therefore all involved can enjoy guilt-free pleasure! On another note, cleanliness comes first! Blue Krystal adheres to a strict health schedule. Furthermore each lady attends regular health checks! As well as an initial checks before working at a new establishment, giving you peace of mind when you visit the brothel! Blue Krystal aims to be a safe and inclusive place for both customer and employee. Your discretion comes first, and if you have any questions: just give them an email or a call and they’ll be happy to answer any questions around this!

What makes a brothel diverse

Blue Krystal has a diverse range of workers from different backgrounds and also welcomes customers from all walks of life. Not only do they have a range of workers that may suit your needs and desires, they also offer a variety of services at a range of prices. Blue Kystal is also considered a relaxation establishment as they offer erotic massages, as well as full brothel services. You can choose how long a service you would like with the longer the services the more it will cost. Blue Krystal also offer regular promotions such as receiving 20% off hour long bookings. All prices and services can be accessed on their website or over the phone. Customer service is of the upmost importance to Blue Krystal workers. Blue Krystal commits to providing you with high quality services from experienced workers that take pride in satisfying their customers.

To summarise, a brothel near me

There is much to deliberate when considering a ‘brothel near me’. If you reside near Dandenong, Blue Krystal is sure to meet your expectations in accessibility, legitimacy, diversity and quality. If you are intrigued to know more, you can visit their website here or find directions here. Good luck in your quest for finding the best ‘brothel near me’.