Sexual massage, erotic massage, massage with a happy ending, nude massage, adult massage, massage with extra. There are a lot of names for it, but how do you describe the best sexual massage in Melbourne? At Blue Krystal we call it the rubdown of your dreams and our angelic sirens are waiting now to show you what we mean!

Melbourne sexual massage not just about the ending

Yes, sexual massages are also often referred to as massages with happy endings, but to be a truly good adult massage you need more than just a good ending. You need to relieve your tired and aching body and destress that mind of yours. And, yes, you need sexual relief too. Who would have thought all this could be done with a single pair of hands!

Can someone who provides sexual services really give a good massage>? In a word, yes, it’s more than possible and Blue Krystal’s stunning and dare we say it, very talented, women more than deliver in this regard. They have plenty of experience in pleasing men, starting with an awfully good massage and ending in a climax that you’ve never felt before. 

Invigoration, relaxation and relief guaranteed… and so too is the happy ending!

Sexual massage Melbourne, Blue Krystal

History of sexual massage

You may be surprised to know that sexual or erotic massage has been around for a long time, although guys took a while to cotton on to the thrill.

According to Your Tango, the beginnings of sexual massage was in the seventeenth century, with something called genital massage. However, it was more medicinal than pleasurable. Genital massage was performed on women by physicians and midwives to help them reach orgasm to treat what was called female hysteria.

A likely story, you might say, but it’s true. Just don’t use this reasoning on your partner when you’re next visiting Melbourne’s Blue Krystal for a sexual massage!

What type of people get sexual massages in Melbourne?

You’d be surprised who gets a sexual massage in Melbourne.

In fact, in a recent The Chronicle article, a manager of a legal sexual massage parlour claimed that about 80 per cent of her clients were either married or in a relationship. We certainly can’t attest to these figures because we don’t ask our client’s leading or personal questions, but we can certainly say that our sexual massage clients are diverse.

Nervous? Don’t be

If you’ve never had a sexual massage, partly because you’re too nervous to take the next step, don’t be. There’s no need to be nervous or feel awkward. 

Our staff and our ladies are professional, will not make you feel uncomfortable and will do their best to put you at ease. Either way, we’re sure you’ll feel much more relaxed once we’ve finished with you!

Give sexual massage a try

The best way to see what all the fuss is about is to try Melbourne’s best sexual massage, at Melbourne’s best brothel, Blue Krystal. Prices start at just $90 for 30 minutes of orgasmic pleasure, or why not choose 60 minute for only $155. It could be one of the best hours of your life.