Sex work in Dandenong

People get into sex work in Dandenong for various reasons, but when it comes down to it, money is likely to be a key. After all, what other job can you do where you can earn up to $1000 per day?

Like any job, however, sex work has its pros and cons. There are good places to ply your sex work in Dandenong, bad places and some that are downright ugly. So let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Reason’s people join the sex industry

As mentioned in the intro, there are a wide variety of reasons that someone might become a sex worker. For some, it’s simply because they are unemployed and need a job. For others it’s the desire to improve their income. For others it might be to do with their upbringing, circumstances in their personal lives, to support family or simply because they enjoy the work.

Creating a standard profile of a person who undertakes sex work is a bit like trying to create a profile of a bank worker. Every sex worker is completely different and has varying  motivations for getting into and staying in the trade.

The good the bad and the ugly of sex work

Some people have a dim view of sex work and sex workers, but often this is brought about by ignorance and a lack of knowledge. Working in a legal brothel, like Blue Krystal for example, is very different from working in an illegal brothel or on the streets.

Yes, the ladies at Blue Krystal who undertake sex work do make excellent money. Up to $1000 a day in fact, due to a generous sex worker to house fee ratio. Because we are a legal brothel, the environment is safe, clean and comfortable. What’s more, our sex workers have the ability to choose their own working shifts. How does your ‘normal’ job stack up against sex work now?

This is an example of good sex work in Dandenong, in a legal setting. However, we know that there are many illegal brothels that make up the bad and ugly of sex work. These include massage businesses that illegally provide happy-ending massages, as well as illegal brothels that provide a full service.

In addition, individuals also offer sex work. Recently, for example, there was major media attention that highlighted that “hundreds of sex workers are illegally operating out of high-rise apartments in Melbourne’s  CBD”. These people advertise their sex work online. The media articles highlighted that there are close too 900 people offering sex work in the Melbourne CBD alone. 

Illegal sex work carries significant risk for both sex workers and the clients. As well as the legal ramifications, people are putting their health and safety at risk every day.

Sex work at Blue Krystal

Victorian laws mean that we can advertise for sex workers, but we can offer advice and we’re more than happy to do so. 
If you’d like more advice on what it’s like to under sex work in a legal brothel, where you are treated with respect and where health and safety is a prime concern, see our employment page or contact us today.