How can you get a truly excellent massage experience in Melbourne with a little extra, shall we say, relief?

Yes, we’re talking about erotic massage, commonly called massage with a happy ending, and there would be literally hundreds of places in Melbourne where you can legally or illegally enjoy this service. So, perhaps a better question is how can you get a good erotic massage in Melbourne?

What to look for in an erotic massage establishment

One of the key things you should look for is a legal establishment when seeking an erotic message in Melbourne. While it can be an adrenaline rush to be lying on a massage table waiting for a climatic ending, erotic massage is all about relaxation and relief. If you’re after an adrenaline rush go to Luna Park; if you’re after a way to relieve tension and stress get a legal erotic massage.

That’s not the only reason to choose a legal brothel in Melbourne for your erotic massage. Better quality legal businesses will also ensure hygiene standards and working conditions are high, and services are professionally delivered.

One of the other reasons to choose a legal brother rather than a service that may not provide happy endings illegally is satisfaction. Let’s face it, when you’re looking for an erotic massage you want to get relief at the end. If you step into a massage parlour thinking you’re going to get a happy ending but don’t, you’re going to be mighty disappointed!

How do you know if an erotic massage provider is legal or that an establishment actually does provide happy endings? They’ll openly promote their legal credentials and their services, so look at their website or ask. If you’re still unsure, chances are the establishment is not legal or doesn’t actually provide happy endings. If you’ve just asked the question at their front counter, that’s going to lead to whole lot of embarrassment!

Blue Krystal erotic massage in Melbourne

Blue Krystal is located in Dandenong and is South East Melbourne’s leading brothel and adult relaxation centre. And, yes, we provide wickedly enjoyable erotic massages. We offer the ultimate stress relief by one of our stunning and talented ladies. Enjoy a deliciously relaxing rub-down ahead of an even more delicious sexual release that will wrangle ever drop of strain and stress from your entire body. Blue Krystal is discreetly located, with private parking at the rear and private entry for clients. Our establishment is clean, legal and meets strict hygiene standards.

NOTE: Looking for another way to easily tell whether an establishment is legal or not? It will be closed during COVID-19. While Blue Krystal is currently closed, we’re taking the opportunity to make some big improvements. This includes interior upgrades, a thorough deep clean, a fresh paint job and an upgrade to the air ventilation. It’s all part of our commitment to providing a safe, clean, comfortable and fully satisfying environment for clients.