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Welcome to Blue Krystal

Welcome to Blue Krystal. On this page you will find information about Blue Krystal, the area we are located and why we think Blue Krystal is a great place to work.

We’re a proud full-service adult entertainment establishment and we’re glad you’ve chosen Blue Krystal.

We like to do things a little differently and we believe in better here at Blue Krystal. As part of this, we want all our providers to feel like they are part of the BK team.

So, please read this welcome pack and we look forward to introducing you to our team and clients.

How much does it cost to visit a brothel Dandenong?

Working at Blue Krystal

Blue Krystal is Dandenong’s premier adult entertainment venue. We have a strong foundation of customers, a huge membership and a large presence on social media and online. This means that when you join the Blue Krystal team, there is always plenty of work and, if you choose, you will always be busy.

Working shift work

Below you will find Questions and answers all around shift work. Click on each question below to show the answer. If you have any more questions that need answering please send our team a message info@bluekrystal.com.au and we would be happy to help.

Can I work to suit my own needs, on the days and the times that suit me?

Of course you can. We prefer if you decide what works best for you.

Do you have a fixed shift system?

No we don’t. We like being flexible and giving our providers the chance to work when they want. We’re here to support you.

Do you have a discreet and private carpark?

Yes, we do. Our parking is off the main road.

What type of providers work at Blue Krystal?

Put simply, everyone and anyone. While we used to be well-known as an Australian brothel, we have now become very multicultural. Blue Krystal is an inclusive workplace and Is for everyone.

What are the facilities like?

We can proudly say Blue Krystal is the cleanest venue in the Melbourne and Dandenong region. We keep our venue up the highest standards of cleanliness.

Who am I working for?

Meet Angie

Angie has worked in the industry for more than two decades and has extensive experience in every aspect of the industry. She is a well-trained erotic massage performer. One of Angie’s specialties is coaching newcomers and providing appropriate knowledge to fast-track success.

What services does Blue Krystal offer?

Erotic Massage

We offer erotic massage, also known as rub and tug.

Full sex services

Blue Krystal offers full sex services.

What extras can I offer? 

This is entirely up to you and whatever you feel comfortable doing. You will not be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do.


What are the rates?

Enjoy a generous sex-worker/house fee ratio of 60/40. That is, 40 per cent goes to Blue Krystal and 60 per cent to you. You could earn up to $1000 a day or $5,000 a week.

We will always pay you in cash.

What’s in Melbourne and beyond?

Melbourne often rates highly as one of the world’s most liveable cities, while Victoria is known as the Garden State and has some tremendous coastline. There are a lot of things to see and do and incredible places to visit in Melbourne and Victoria. If you’re a permanent resident or just visiting, make sure you discover some of the beautiful places this region has to offer.

Night Life & Events

Melbourne and the nearby area are full of events and extraordinary night life.

To find out more about what’s on in Melbourne, visit https://whatson.melbourne.vic.gov.au/fomo

To find out what’s happening on the nearby Mornington Peninsula, visit https://www.visitmorningtonpeninsula.org/ThingsToDo/Events/FindWhatsOn.aspx

For information on wineries and wine regions, visit https://www.visitvictoria.com/food-and-wine/wineries


Food & Restaurants

Melbourne is known for its incredible food and nightlife and is often regarded as the food capital of Australia. Here are some of our favourite places to eat in Melbourne and Dandenong.

Cuisine: Afghani Address: 23-29 Walker St

Cuisine: Italian Address: 159/161 Lonsdale St

Cuisine:  Asian Melbourne VIC

Cuisine: Modern
Fitzroy North VIC

Working in the industry 

Working in the sex industry isn’t a job for everyone and we understand this. However, if you choose to work with Blue Krystal, it’s comforting to know that as well as being respected, listened to and supported, we will always take your health and safety seriously. 

Safety Policy & Procedure

We take the safety of all our staff and providers very seriously.

Our safety policy and procedure can be found at the link



There are support services available for those that do work in the industry and you are encouraged to engage with them if you feel the need. Listed below are a number of associations that provide support for sex workers throughout Australia. 

www.sin.org.au › sindex

Services in Victoria

As mentioned, Blue Krystal takes your safety very seriously. If you ever feel scared or threatened please dial 000 immediately. This is Australia’s main emergency services phone number.

Emergency Services

Police, Fire & Ambulance
Number: 000

Phone Number: 13 11 14


Additional Services

Beyond Blue
Phone Number: 1300 22 4636

Sacred Heart 

Blue Krystal Contact Details

N°16 Greens Rd,
Dandenong South 3175

(03) 9708 5555


Opening hours
Sun-Thurs: 10am-2am
Fri-Sat: 10am-3am

SWA: 10056B

Blue Krystal Brothel Melbourne 墨尔本成人会所 墨尔本妓院

N°16 Greens Rd,
Dandenong South 3175
(03) 9708 5555
Opening hours
Mon: 10am-2am
Tue: 10am-2am
Wed: 10am-2am
Thurs: 10am-2am
Fri: 10am-2am
Sat: 10am-2am
Sun: 10am-2am

SWA: 10056B

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Blue Krystal is a clean, discreet and legal full service brothel and relaxation establishment. With a variety of ladies from many cultures, we provide an exceptional range of adult and erotic massage services. Our rotating roster, price options and multiple sex services ensures we meet the demands of the most discerning gentlemen. Choosing a legal Melbourne brothel protects you, your reputation, and our beautiful ladies.


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