What makes a Good Brothel?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would be like to visit a brothel? Thinking about engaging in sex services may strike up curiosity as to what makes a good brothel. For those looking at using this kind of service four question generally come to mind:

  1. Will I be safe using this brothel?
  2. Is the brothel clean?
  3. Is it a legal brothel? and 
  4. What are the sex workers like?

Why do some people choose one brothel over another?  

Generally speaking, the sex workers will be the biggest reason a customer would choose one brothel over another. The location, price, cleanliness and discrete parking also come into play when a person chooses one brothel over the other.  

Blue Krystal Brothel

How do I know a brothel is legal? 

The legal side of sex work varies from state to state in Australia. Every licensed brothel has a SWA number(eg. SWA10056B) and can be easily found on their website or any advertising materials. 

Each state has quite different laws that govern the sex industry. In New South Wales, Victoria, ACT and Queensland brothels are legal. Whilst in Western Australia, Tasmania and NT an escort service is legal whilst brothels are not. Brothels in Adelaide are still illegal under the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935. For more information or if you’re unsure of the laws of the state you are in you can read find more information here 

Blue Krystal is and always will be a legal brothel. Using a legal adult entertainment venue makes for a safer better industry for its workers and patrons.

Why one brothel over another

How can you be sure the brothel is safe?

When visiting an adult entertainment establishment for the first time you may wonder is this brothel safe? Am I going to be okay using the services here?

One of the big reasons to ALWAYS use a legal brothel is because the sex workers are regularly tested to provide a safe and clean experience for its customers. Unlicensed brothels do not adhere to any such regulations and the safety of its patrons and sex workers is not of importance.

By law a brothel must adhere to the sex Work Act 1994 and Sex Work Regulations 2016. The act aims at protecting the safety of the customers and sex workers at the establishment. Whilst there are regulatory bodies in place, there is still some self due diligence you can take to make sure the brothel you are visiting is safe. 

  • Check Google reviews. More often than not if a customer has had a bad experience they will voice their concerns on the Google business listing. 
  • Head over to Twitter. Due to twitters softer community standards compared to Facebook or Instagram more brothels engage on social media in this space. Through twitter you can discover user’s experiences.
  • Avoid using massage parlours or anything of the sort as these are normally unlicensed adult establishment. They are unlikely to adhere the strict rules that licenced brothels keep to.

For any more information on the regulatory acts of sex workers you can find here.

Is this venue clean?

Adult entertainment establishments should be cleaned before every shift and booking. The management/owner will strive to keep the premises very hygienic. Their roles will generally be to prepare (clean) the venue for each shift and before the start of every session. Blue Krystal’s management will always keep the premises/venue very clean and hygienic for the safety of its customers and workers. 

sex worker wearing lingerie

What are the sex workers like?

Sex workers will come from all different walks of life and from many different countries. There is generally a large influx of workers who stay for a little while and those who stay for a long time. Sex workers will choose a brothel that pays well, respects its workers, is clean and safe. You can checkout our gallery of ladies here

Sex workers are very approachable and will take care of those who are feeling a little nervous or unsure. Whilst sex workers are constantly coming and going can be quite sad, new workers are also visiting who can be an excited new fresh take on your brothel experience. Blue Krystal has a variety of sex workers from many different cultures including Chinese, Italian, Australian, Indian and many more.